Vent Pick Kit: Made from brass tubing
and spring steel. Easily attached under
cheek piece with two wire nails. Tubing is
approximately 2 3/8" in length.

$ 8.00 each.     Extra pics $ 3.00 each
Human Yoke
Worn over the shoulder and used to carry
water buckets and other items.  Made from
Poplar or Pine, lightweight and strong.  A
great addition to any primitive camp.
Approx. 35" in length.
$ 85.00 each
Curly Maple Tomahawk Handles
20" in length. These fit hawk made by H & B
Forge and many others.
Out of stock at present time.
Ram Rod Entry Pipe Former:
For making your own entry pipes and pipes.
Instructions included.  Body is 7/8" diameter.
OAL is approximately 5".  2 Sizes available:
5/16" or 3/8"
$ 25.00 each
J. P. Beck Style Print
This is a full size drawing  showing cross
A great aid in
building your next gun.
$ 15.00 each
English Flints
We sort these out so you only get
good quality flints.
3/4" x 7/8"..............$ 2.50 each
5/8" x 3/4"...............$ 2.50 each
7/8" x 1".................$ 2.75 each
Hickory Ramrods
3/8" diameter
48" length........$
5.00 each
60" length.......
Ram Rod Pipe Vise
File Guide
This handy tool make it easy to hold your
pipes, in a vise, while filing and the adjustable
guide allow for straight, clean edges.
Available in 5/16" or 3/8"
Approximately 6" long.
$ 35.00 each
Sight Vise
A great little tool for holding sights, barrel
lugs and other small objects for filing and
Approximately 5" long
$ 20.00 each
sight not included)
White Lightning
Touch Hole Liner
1/4" x 32 tpi.
(installation instructions included)
$ 5.00 each
Touch Hole Liner
1/4" x 28 tpi
$ 3.00 each
Wooden Patchbox
Release Spring
Steel investment casting.
Approximately 3 5/16" long and 3/8" wide.
$ 18.00 each
Bore Gauge
One side shows caliber up to 80 and the
other side is shotgun bore up to 10 guage.
Also metric sizing.
3 1/8" long.
Brass: $ 4.00 each
German Silver : $ 5.00 each
Lehigh Style Print
This is a full size drawing  showing cross
A great aid in
building your next gun.
$ 15.00 each
The Art Of Building The
Pennsylvania Longrifle

By Chuck Dixon

This Book Features a brief History of muzzleloading,
guide to building muzzleloaders, helpful hints, and
much more.

$ 23.00