Stocks with Barrels and Component Sets
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J. P. Beck Components Set
JP Beck Components Set
This set contains all the parts and hardware necessary to complete a high quality gun.
The stock is inletted for the barrel that you will receive and will fit in place without any sanding or scraping.  The breech area is
squared and only needs minor adjustment.( many other kits are rounded in the breech area and take quite a bit of effort for a
proper fit)  All the other inlets are slightly undersized and will require a little final inletting for a proper fit.

The following areas are inlet:  Lock mortise, butt plate, side plate, trigger guard, trigger and trigger plate.

Our own high quality soft yellow brass investment casting; butt plate,  side plate,  trigger guard, and ramrod pipe set.
Number 4  Grade Curly Maple wood.

Chambers Golden Age flintlock, White Lightning touch hole liner, nose cap, front and rear sight, trigger , trigger plate, barrel
under lugs,hickory ramrod, ram rod tip and all the necessary bolts, pins and screws.

$ 630.00 SOLD

Barrel must be ordered separately
Add Colerain B-Wt 50 cal x 42"  
$ 210.00
Add Rice premium B-Wt 50 cal. x 42" $ 270.00
Plus shipping

(JPB # 27)
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I purchase a kit with a different grade of wood?    Yes,we will adjust the price accordingly.

Can I purchase a kit with double set triggers?  No, but we can omit the inletting of the trigger, trigger plate and trigger guard  so    
that you can install the triggers of your choice.

Can I get a longer or shorter trigger pull?  Yes, to shorten the LOP you will just need to inlet the butt plate forward.
If you desire a  longer pull we can omit the inletting of the butt plate and leave the wood long and  square for you to inlet it yourself.

Can I get a longer or shorter barrel?   No, the kit is designed for only one style of barrel.

Can I buy a kit partially assembled or fully finished?    We will gladly put you in contact  with a gun builder  that  will do   the
assembly for you.  You can then contact them and discuss  your project   with them.

     If you have any other question please feel free to give us a call.
The stocks pictured below come with the barrel inlet into the wood and the ramrod channel and hole drilled.
These are in stock and ready to ship.
( unsigned original ) SOLD

Rice 7/8" x 42" x 50 caliber

$ 520.00
#Bone WB 62 SOLD

Comes with Rice Southern Classic 42" B wt
50 caliber
Buttplate cut for Reeves # 8
$ 535.00
Southern Mountain
#SM WB15
Comes with Colerain  7/8" x  42" long
50 caliber  breech plug included
$ 425.00
Lehigh  SOLD
( Stophil Long)
SL# 89
Rice Southern Classic x 50 cal. x 42" and
breech plug .

$ 500.00

Comes with Rice Southern Classic  barrel 50
cal x 42"

$ 565.00
If you don't see what you want just give us a
call or email.  We will put one together to  
your specifications

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Figthorn / Reedy
( FR WB15)

Comes with Rice B wt. x 50 cal x 42"
$  575.00
1780 Lancaster

Comes with Rice B wt x 50 cal. 38"  barrel
and breech plug.

$ 625.00
Early Virginia
Comes with Rice 42" x B wt. x 50 caliber
barrel and breech plug.

$ 510.00